NR 452 Capstone Course Assignment Help

NR 452 Simulation Questions with Answers

  1. Question: What key priority assessment findings are usually seen in left-sided heart failure? How do these findings differ from right-sided heart failure?
  2. Question: Identify two common medication classes used to treat left-sided heart failure. What are two nursing considerations for each identified classification of medication?
  3. Question: How do cultural differences impact nurses in teaching diet and nutrition? What is cultural humility?
  4. Question: What are two nursing considerations in prioritizing and deciding placement location of a peripheral IV in heart failure?
  5. Question: What are common signs and symptoms of acute infection in the elderly, and what two priority nursing interventions would you employ?
  6. Question: Identify four different classifications of antibiotics. What priority nursing considerations should you review when a patient is on an antibiotic?
  7. Question: What impact do Advanced Directives have on the nursing care of the patient? What resources are available to assist with completion and adherence to a patient’s end of life wishes?

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