NR 509 Week 8 Summary Reflection

NR 509 Week 8 Summary Reflection
In order to provide high quality healthcare to patients, the provider of care must possess the skills and competency indicative of a high quality medical provider. The rationale for measuring quality improvement is the belief that good performance reflects good-quality practice. A quality improvement strategy is defined as any intervention aimed at reducing the quality gap. Therefore, students must aim to achieve the skills and competencies indicative of high quality healthcare providers through the systematic implementation of a quality improvement strategy.
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Program Outcomes
This activity is guided by Program Outcome (PO) 1:
PO1. Provide high quality, safe, patient-centered care grounded in holistic health principles. (holistic health & patient-centered care) NR 509 Week 8 Summary Reflection
The purposes of this activity are to: (a) reflect upon providing high quality healthcare to patients, (b) identify knowledge deficits as determined by the 3P examination, (c) identify educational resources available through the Chamberlain University library, (d) create a self-driven quality improvement plan aimed at decreasing knowledge deficits and improving performance, and (e) share your improvement strategies with student peers.
Preparing for the Activity and Guidelines

Reflect upon PO1and provide two (2) or more examples of how you specifically achieved or had exposure to this outcome during this course.
Review the results of your 3P examination.
Identify three (3) content domains in which your performance was the lowest percentage as compared to the national average. If two or more domains share equal percentages, select the three lowest domains for this activity. In the example below, the student scored the lowest (17%) in the Endocrine and Urology domains and 33% in Cardiovascular. The student would select all three domains.
Access the NR509 Library using the web link below and select resources available through the Chamberlain University library to research topics and content areas related to the domains identified in Step 3. Explore the NR509 LibGuide Study Strategies box.  NR 509 Week 8 Summary Reflection
Create a self-guided quality improvement plan based on these resources. Include details such as:

Resource Names
Timeline for studying

Share your improvement plan with your peers in the Week 8 Summary Reflection Post in Canvas. NR 509 Week 8 Summary Reflection


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