NUR 301 Week 2 Discussion Module 2: Discussion – Cultural/Spiritual Aspects of Patient Care

Discussion – Cultural/Spiritual Aspects of Patient Care

Think of an example from your experience of a patient from a different cultural/spiritual background with different perceptions of health, illness, or treatment from your own. How did you or could you alter your approach to the patient? Include at least one reference to the course readings for this week in your response.

Please post your initial response by 11:59 PM EST Wednesday of Week 2, and comment on the posts of two classmates by 11:59 PM EST Sunday. You must post your original post before you will see your colleagues’ posts.

Submission Instructions:

No credit will be given for any late threaded discussion posts or late final assignments. The rationale underlying this policy is that since the threaded discussions are a central part of the class, student participation is necessary (and required) during the current week of each lesson. Consequently, students must post their reply to the threaded discussion question(s) and reply to at least two classmates’ posts during the week of the relevant unit in order to be eligible for credit.

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