NUR 301 Week 2 Module 2: Assignment 1 – Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Module 2: Assignment 1 – Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Assignment – Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Developing a personal philosophy of nursing promotes reflection on your worldview of nursing within the context of your beliefs, assumptions, and values and your clinical practice experiences. 

This assignment will be one of the first documents included in your nursing portfolio (last week’s assignment) which is aligned with the course student learning outcome:

  • Initiate a plan for continual development as a member of the nursing profession through ongoing self-evaluation and life-long learning.

Your philosophy should be based upon the 4 concepts of the nursing meta paradigm: Nursing• Health •Person •Environment as described in chapter one of the Kearney-Nunnery (2020) textbook.  Present your general beliefs, assumptions, and values for each of these elements in your introduction to your paper or under each concept. Use the following questions as a guide for your thinking process. Check  files in this module for the sample philosophy that Florence Nightingale might have written if she was completing this assignment.


Human beings/Person

What is your definition? (e.g., a bio psycho social & spiritual being, an energy field, a set of behavioral systems?)  What are the attributes of persons (e.g., simple vs. complex, good vs. bad, capable of learning, etc)? Who is the recipient of care (client, family, or community)?


What is your definition?

Where is the environment in which human beings are located? Are there different components? Is there an internal and an external environment for clients? Describe them.

If you were collecting data about the environment from a newly admitted client, what would you assess?

What are the influences (or the effects) of this environment on the person?


How do you define health, personally and as a nurse? Is health on a continuum? (Check definition of a continuum in your basic nursing textbook).  Can clients with chronic illness be healthy? What occurs if  your clients perceive health differently from you?   What does health mean to you?


What does the term nursing signify to you personally? Is it an art or a science or both? Give examples to explain your answer.

Is nursing a process or a set of tasks?  How would you describe nursing (caring, therapeutic, relationship building, etc.)?

Why does this person need the nursing care that you provide?

What makes nursing care different from the care from other professionals (e.g., physicians, social workers, physical therapist, etc.)?

What are the roles of nurses in the current healthcare- delivery system?

ASSUMPTIONS: Statements you consider proven facts about nursing and characteristics of professional nurses.

What does the concept of people, in general, signify to nurses?

What characteristics do nurses demonstrate?

What is unique about nurses and the nursing profession?

The article by Stalter and McCutcheon (2017), Discovering my nursing philosophy, addresses how your philosophy impacts your clinical practice and the article by Hernandez (2009), Student articulation of a nursing philosophical statement: An assignment to enhance critical thinking skills and promote learning, provides examples of the benefits of this assignment.

Complete the assignment as a word document using APA format (title page and body of paper, no abstract is needed). 

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