NUR 301 Week 4 Module 4: Critical Thinking and Evidence-based Practice Exercise

Module 4: Critical Thinking and Evidence-based Practice Exercise

For this exercise, first write about how evidence-based practice (EBP) is/was used in your work site or your clinical practice area as a student. Discuss any meetings with nurses that incorporate EBP or other ways that research studies or best practices are utilized.

Then write about one item that you notice in your nursing practice area that you think needs to be backed by evidence (clinical or research evidence) so that nurses are following a standard of practice. Explain the item and then describe how people are doing it differently and not following a standard of practice.

Search for one example of a nursing research study published in the last 5 years on this topic as evidence of the way it should be. Describe the major findings of this study in a paragraph  (what was done, number of people in study, conclusion) and how you see those findings being applicable to practice. Paraphrase what you find in the article. Be careful that you do not use a Quality Improvement (QI) project report or a literature review article.

Before you begin your library search, review this introductory video on how to use the library: 

and this video on the topic of of database searching:


Your assignment should be uploaded as a word document using APA format including a title page, body of paper, and reference list. The general expectation is for 2-3 pages for the body of the paper.

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