NUR 301 Week 5 Module 5: Assignment 1 – Ethical Dilemma Presentation

Module 5: Assignment 1 – Ethical Dilemma Presentation


Purpose: Analyze an ethical dilemma in nursing practice using a systems theory approach and a PowerPoint presentation strategy.

  1. Introduction. Present an ethical dilemma that you have experienced in your nursing practice and describe the dilemma  (a choice between two equally unpleasant options) without breaching client confidentiality.  Be sure it does not involve a legal issue. 30 points
  2. Use the steps for ethical decision-making as described on page 215 in Kearney-Nunnery (2020). Identify the ethical principles involved and discuss how the dilemma was resolved identifying strategies used. Reference the ethical principles using a scholarly source (book or article) and explain how they relate to the chosen ethical dilemma. 35 points
  3. Present alternative ways the ethical dilemma could be resolved and then explain how it could be prevented. Discuss the underlying principles that support those alternatives. Reference the ethical principles using a scholarly journal article35 points
  4. The PowerPoint presentation should be logically organized and clearly delivered, using presentation software in a creative and stimulating manner. Grammar is appropriate, without errors.  The first slide should be the title and your name. The last slide includes your references. APA style formatting is used correctly with slide citations and a reference list slide. General expectation is a minimum of 10 slides. Up to 10 points may be deducted for issues with spelling/grammar/APA.

Lesson assignments are due on Sundays, before midnight. Late assignments will be penalized 2 points for each day late. In the absence of extenuating circumstances, no work will be accepted more than 2 weeks late. 

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