NUR 301 Week 5 Quiz Assignment Help

NUR 301 Week 5 Quiz


Question 1

Putting a continuous quality improvement structure in place includes:


o   A quality council

o   Externalization of new beliefs

o   Categorizing efforts and plans

o   All of the above



Question 2

In a culture of blame, which of the following is targeted as the cause of the adverse event?


o   The individual

o   The healthcare team

o   Physicians and nurses

o   Nurses and medical researchers


Question 3

Which of the following are part of the specific knowledge, tools, and techniques required for a new quality in healthcare? Select all that apply.


o   Lifelong learning

o   Technology review

o   Process improvement

o   Cross-functional teamwork



Question 4

Which of the following is on the official Joint Commission “Do Not Use” list and should be avoided? Select all that apply.


o   cc

o   unit

o   Q.O.D.

o   less than



Question 5

Full integration of e-prescribing with the electronic health record (EHR) has been shown to:


o   Override physician’s order entries

o   Explore applications of investment

o   Be universally acceptable

o   Promote patient safety


Question 6

Quality improvement is which of the following?


o   Use of data to monitor the outcomes of care processes

o   Use of improvement methods to design and test changes

o   Intended to continuously improve the quality and safety of healthcare systems

o   All of the above



Question 7

Systemic issues are questioned and targeted for improvement in a:


o   Healthcare plan

o   Culture of blame

o   Planning process

o   Culture of safety

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