NUR 4636C Practice Experience Log

FSW State College Department of Nursing

RN to BSN Program – NUR 4636C Practice Experience Log


STUDENT: __Ingrid Rizo_________________________ TERM: SPRING 2021

Complete each column with required information

The Practice log must be complete during the designated weeks and meet the criteria for the log entries which include: Use the form provided in the CANVAS course.

· Record date and number of hours completed during that log period.

· Complete the reflection column. Your reflection should address what you learned new or was reinforced and you can or plan to apply in your practice related to a professional nurse in community setting. Provide concrete examples that support your learning and application of learning.

Save the document and submit in the appropriate week during designated weeks in Canvas and at end of course. The cumulative document is submitted in week 11. Points for Logs are awarded at that point. The Final Log submission is completed and course points are awarded in week 11 of the course. Must be submitted to receive a grade in the course. Signatures must be written, not typed electronically.


STUDENT : Term/ Year:

Date/ Week Dates/ Number Hours Completed Practice Hours Activities:

Narrative of your activities for completion of practice hours. The focus is on the collection of data for your community/ county, development of the data assessment document and development of final community paper. Develop 2-3 objectives that you want to achieve during the log time frames.


A narrative that addresses what you learned new or was reinforced. Reflect on how you met your objectives for your designated hours and are planning on new objectives for the next log period.

LOG #1 1/18/21-1/19/21 5hrs · Data collection for the community assessment process


1. Research poverty rates in Lee County area.

2. Determine physical health in Lee County area.

3. Identify unemployment rate in the area.

When researching Lee County’s statistics as a whole, I learned poverty population is up to 16.1%. One of the contributing factors of the poverty percentage is unemployment rates, which is at 4.3% and has only increased during the current pandemic.

Another contributing factor to poverty is the number of residents with no Highschool diploma: 13.1%. Many employers require a high school diploma now to be considered for the position. The number of residents with fair or poor physical health is 13.5% and some of the percentage is due to lack of knowledge on the residents behalf.

  1/21/21-1/23/21 5hrs · Windshield Survey of your community


1. Determine the population of Fort Myers compared to that of Cape Coral.

2. Research child obesity rates in Lee County compared to the nation.

3. Comparison of population with low food access in the county compared to the state of Florida.

The total number for Fort Myers population equals to 81,483. When compared to increased amount of the Cape Coral population: 198,64.


When comparing the total child overweight prevalence in the United States compared to that of Lee county, the United States is at 24.2% compared to Lee County who is slightly lower at 19.1%.


The population with low food access is much higher in Lee County then compared to Florida or the United States. Lee County is at an increased 38.2%, in comparison to Florida 25.7% and the United States 22.4%.


  1/24/21-1/25/21 5hrs · Development of Community Assessment data


1. Determine Lee County’s urban and rural area population.

2. Determine Florida’s urban and rural population.

3. Compare Lee County and Florida urban and rural population numbers to the United States.

When looking at the statistics of Urban and Rural areas of Lee County, Florida and the United States, the following numbers show the comparison. Lee County illustrates a higher urban population and lower rurall population.


LOG #2














  · Synthesis of community data from first paper  
    · Planning your initiative – researching supportive data  
LOG #3   · Planning your initiative – researching supportive data  
    · Completing paper – including timeline, measurable goal, evaluation methods.  
FINAL LOG   · Overall reflection – summarize the 3 most important things you learned new or can apply in your professional practice. What surprised you most in completing your community assessment and the initiative?


























I, verify that I have completed the required hours

(total minimum 45 practice hours) as part of the NUR 4636C Community Health Nursing Practice course.



Student Signature: Date:






Needs Assessment.

2017 Community Health Needs Assessment Report.



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