Nursing Discussion: Brainstorming the Business Case

Nursing Discussion: Brainstorming the Business Case
As a nurse, you may be accustomed to wearing many hats, including healthcare provider, educator, counselor, and confidant. The hat that may be a less familiar fit is that of “salesperson.”
A nurse’s drive to advocate for their patients often leads to the development of creative solutions to improve care. Bringing these solutions from idea to reality often requires the development of a business case, which will sell leadership on the idea. As any salesperson will advise, a key to an effective sales pitch is to clarify the benefits to the buyer. Nursing Discussion: Brainstorming the Business Case.
An effective business case must clarify the benefits of the proposal, highlighting what is to be gained by the organization if the proposal is pursued. This often includes financial, competitive, and strategic benefits, among others.
For this Discussion, you share ideas for a healthcare product or service that addresses gaps or provides opportunities within your healthcare organization.
To Prepare
*Review this module’s Resources focused on business plans and systems thinking in healthcare organizations.
*Identify one or more individuals within your organization to act as “finance counselor” with whom you can consult on financial and budget items, such as costing, estimating, and budget request processes. Nursing Discussion: Brainstorming the Business Case.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post a statement describing at least one gap and/or opportunity for enhanced services or approaches within your healthcare organization. For each gap or opportunity, identify one possible solution, applying systems thinking to your approach. Be sure to address financial (including budgetary) impacts of your solutions, consulting as needed with your finance counselor. Nursing Discussion: Brainstorming the Business Case.

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