Nursing in leadership

Identify a Topic and Thesis Statement for Your Research Paper

leadership, should be in apa format, bullying in nursing, create a thesis

Identify a topic related to health care and leadership; this will be the subject of your research paper due in week 7. You will then be working to incorporate a leadership theory or approach discussed in this course and apply it to your leadership in healthcare topic in later weeks. Make sure that your leadership in healthcare topic is neither too broad nor too narrow.

Consider some of the following general areas:

Leadership in:

Change management in health care

Technology in health care

Finance of health care

Conflict management in health care

Evidence-based protocols

Gender equality in the workplace

Health sector reform

Embedded safeguards to reduce injury and infection

Please note the above general areas must have a narrower focus in order to work well for a research paper. The list above is not exhaustive, but merely suggestions.

Identify a research area and then develop a thesis statement for your research paper. Ensure your topic is presented in descriptive detail and a clear plan for the research paper is identified. Submit a 1- to 2-page, double-spaced paper identifying your topic in descriptive detail, including a clear plan for your research and a thesis statement.

hello you know how this professor works and every time she has complaint about something I have submitted it to you. Originally I choose Team Management leadership gives us all equal opportunities to grow regardless of our gender, race, or culture.

But my professor gave me a gave me a low score,so please if there is anything I can send you that can possibly help. My professor is really picky

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