Nursing Management Philosophy Paper

This assignment requires students to identify a personal philosophy of nursing management. To begin this process, students must explore personal beliefs and values related to human beings and the profession of nursing. A thorough examination of these factors is essential to identifying one’s personal philosophy regarding relationships and nursing; both are germane to a philosophy of nursing management. Content from this course, as well as independent discovery is to be integrated into designated topical areas in the development of each student’s personal philosophy of nursing management.

Guidelines: Students should incorporate information from assigned readings from the course textbook as well as six (6) additional evidence- based practice resources published within the last five years. All resources should be reliable sources of valid professional information (e.g. Internet sites should typically be .org, .gov, or edu., etc rather than .com).Defining the topics or a discussion of processes involved is NOT the focus; instead students are to identify ideas regarding the designated topics as they pertain to management strategies. This assignment is designated as your final paper for this course and you will submit and save this assignment for your BSN scholarly portfolio… It is important that you apply all aspects of academic and scholarly writing to your paper. This assignment is something you should start researching and doing a literature review at the beginning of the course and work on the assignment on a weekly basis to ensure quality work.

The paper, written using APA style, 6th edition, is to reflect the development of the student’s management philosophy. APA style directs one to write in a concise manner using precise words, as such, the philosophy is to be a maximum of 10 pages in length and a minimum of eight (8) pages, not including the title and references pages. Assertions are to be supported utilizing appropriate and supportive resources. Evaluation will be based on thoroughness of the content and adherence to guidelines reflected by the grading rubric, not faculty’s agreement or disagreement with the philosophy. You are required to use APA heading titles for the areas of focus listed below to make the structure of your final assignment concise, clear, and easy-to-read. You should monitor your assignment for proper academic writing which should be in active voice. See provided resources for active voice academic/scholarly writing.

Factors regarding leading and managing are to be discussed. This should include the student’s beliefs regarding human beings as:
•Motivating Employees on the Nursing Unit
•Implementing Change
•Organizational Structure
•Operational Budget
•Capital Budget
•Nursing Salaries
•Quality and Safety – the concept is to define safe, quality, patient-centered nursing care in our health system and the high standards of excellence which are established. In this section you should include: 1) A definition of safe, quality, patient-centered nursing care, 2) QSEN/IOM/Joint Commission recommendations for safe, quality nursing care, and 3) methods to implement and monitor health care safety and quality measures.

You may want to correlate your interview questions with your nursing leader from the first of the course for some of the paper components Remember; utilize your resources so that you can understand the topics being researched. However, under each topic, your philosophy should include statements about your “beliefs” related to the topics.
As you have been reading, financial management of a nursing unit is vitally important for the entire health care system as health care delivery and health care reimbursement are constantly changing… Researching the above topics will help you understand why or why not certain items can be purchased for the nursing unit you will be working. It also explains why it is imperative to retain qualified staff (retention) to decrease the expense of orienting new staff on a constant rotation.

Many times students have a difficult time writing a philosophy paper. That is because it is primarily based on your beliefs/thoughts and not a compilation of thoughts from others. This may be the first time where we are looking for your thoughts, not what is written in the journals. Keep that in mind as you complete this assignment. You should look for articles that complement your beliefs, not develop your beliefs based on what you find in the journals.

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