hapter 5, Page 197, Video Case: Process Performance and Quality at Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Most of all, Case 4 is on Quality Management, please
always remember the five dimensions of customer satisfaction since quality is defined by customer satisfaction. Q1: First, identify case information on
each issue; second, identify quality control tools or methods to evaluate each one’s performance. Describe how the tools/methods is applied to the case
issue. For example, if you decide to measure the performance of “education” with control charts such as c-chart (a attributes measurement), you need to
describe “what” to count, and this “what” must be able to reflect the effect of “education” effort. Please be case specific. Q2: Four costs are not equal.
Identify case information on each one and describe how each of them may be avoid by the new process. Q3: Six Sigma is standardized practice in
manufacturing, however, application may not be easy in hospitality industry. Please research online to identify some barriers/disadvantages to implementing such formalized methodology in hospitality industry. Please read Textbook pages 164-165. Please use Q&A format and answer each
question directly. Note: please do not copy and paste the questions. Simply write 1. and follow it by the answer. Be direct, no case summary etc. Again:
CASE STUDY, no general discussions or concept definitions. Also, apply concepts from chapter. Case questions are at the end of the case (three
questions). 1. Implementing Six Sigma programs takes considerable time and commitment from an organization. In terms of top-down commitment,
measurement systems to track progress, tough goal setting, education, communication, and customer priorities, evaluate the degree to which Starwood
successfully addressed each with the redesign of the Sheraton Service Promise program. 2. How might the new Sheraton Service Promise process help
Starwood avoid the four costs of poor process performance and quality (prevention, appraisal, internal failure, and external failure)? 3. Starwood is the
first major hotel brand to commit to a dedicated Six Sigma program for improving quality. Why might an organization be reluctant to follow this type of
formalized methodology? What other approaches could Starwood or its competitors use?

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