Case Study – Plastic Products Ltd

Plastic Products Ltd is a company that produces and markets plastic cups, teaspoons, knives and forks for the catering industry. The company was established in 1974 in response to the changes taking place in the catering industry. The growth of the fast food sector of the market was seen as an opportunity to provide disposable eating utensils which would save on human resources and allow the speedy provision of utensils for fast customer flow. In addition, Plastic Products has benefited from the growth in supermarkets and sells ‘consumer packs’ through four of the large supermarket groups.

The expansion of sales and outlets has led Jim Spencer, the sales manager, to recommend to Bill Preedy, the general manager that the present salesforce of two regional representatives be increased to four.

Spencer believes that the new recruits should have experience of selling fast-moving consumer goods since essentially that is what his products are.

Preedy believes that the new recruits should be familiar with plastic products since that is what they are selling. He favours recruiting from within the plastics industry, since such people are familiar with the supply, production and properties of plastic and are likely to talk the same language as other people working at the firm.


Task 2

Using the above case and any other similar research, answer the following:

Explain how personal selling at Plastic Products Ltd supports the promotion mix. AC1.1

Compare buyer behaviour and the decision making process in different situations with special reference to Plastic Products Ltd. AC1.2

Analyze the role of sales teams at Plastic Products Ltd within their marketing strategy. AC1.3

Explain how sales strategies are developed in line with corporate objectives AC3.1

What factors should be taken into account when recruiting and selecting salespeople? AC3.2

Evaluate the role of motivation, remuneration and training in sales management. AC3.3

Explain how sales management organise sales activity and control sales output. AC3.4

Explain the use of databases in effective sales management. AC3.5

9. Assuming you are the Sales Manager, Jim Spencer:

i. Develop a sales plan for one of you products AC4.1

ii. Investigate opportunities for selling internationally AC4.2

iii. Investigate opportunities for using exhibitions or trade fairs. AC 4.3

Word count: 2500 (+ or – 10%) words

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