Mgmt 3610 Assignment #1- Organizational Behavior & HR Topics Report


#1- Sign up for a chapter due date and presentation date.

#2- Select a topic from the topic list for your chapter [see below].

#3- Identify an article on this HR topic which was published within the last 2-3 years in a business publication, newspaper or periodical, e.g. Bloomberg Business Week, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, etc… Publications from other disciplines, such as psychology, health care, engineering, and public administration, are acceptable. The article must be published, it cannot be an article posted onto a blog or personal website.  Generally, an article is appropriate if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • The HR topic word(s) appear within the article’s title
  • The HR topic word(s) appear within the abstract of the article
  • The HR topic word(s) is one of the key words for the article

#4-Prepare your report in the following manner:

  1. In the first paragraph, define the topic and discuss the textbook definition. Discuss the article’s definition of the topic [5]
  2. Part I: General questions: Prepare two to three paragraphs to answer the following:
    1. Summarize the main ideas of the article. [8]
    2. Discuss who might benefit from this information, why and how (e.g. a recent college graduate, a new supervisor, a seasoned executive, etc…).[3]
    3. Discuss whether the article supports the textbook’s discussion of this topic. Provide specific references as to how the article does/does not support. [5]
  3. **** Part II: Chapter-specific Questions. Prepare two to four paragraphs to answer the question(s) listed for your chapter, see pages 3-4 of this handout. [24]




  • Chapter: Selection and Placement
Employee selection Assessment center Work sample testing
Organization-based fit Situational interview Structured interview
Personality testing Job-based fit Behavioral interview
Integrity testing Cognitive ability testing Multiple hurdles approach


Step # 4 – Linking your topic to theories and key concepts  –

The final step in your assignment is to link your article topic to key chapter concepts (one to two pages minimum).  Part I: Answer the General Questions listed on page 1 of this handout.  Part II: Answer the instructions for your chapter (see below).  Be sure to explain and support your answers.

Chapter: Selection & Placement–

For this chapter, select two of the “Five Evaluation Selection Method Standards” for judging the effectiveness of a selection method and evaluate the HR practice(s) discussed in your article according to these dimensions (i.e. is this method, reliable, valid, useful…?)


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