You read about diversity and also completed some Learning Activities to help you practice the concepts involved with individual behavior, attitudes, and job satisfaction. Now you will examine how these concepts function in the business world.
You are a manager of Operations at LL Green Corporation. Lately you have noticed that some employees are not getting along.  At a recent team meeting there was a lot of tension between the older employees and younger ones. Complaints from the older employees were that the younger employees were disrespectful, felt they should be managing the job instead of them and always wanted to go home early. The younger employees felt the older ones didn’t like to work with them and demanded they work longer hours on the job. After thinking about the situation you realize you have a generational issue between the Baby Boomers and Millennials.
After reading the following two articles and following the steps below, answer the questions posed.
Read the articles below by accessing the KU Online Library in the Course Home. Once inside the KU Library through the course home area you will find the following articles reserved on the left  hand side for Unit 2:

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