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Term Paper Expectations Controversial Issue and Requirements

Read the sections on primary and secondary sources, the chapter on writing the research paper and the “Tips for Writers” table about electronic sources of the Rampolla

text. Your final paper must be original, well-written, and present a balanced examination of the topic. Pay special attention also to the chapter on Plagiarism.

A successful paper will:
•Consider the controversial issue assigned.
•Construct a thesis statement and support this statement using evidence that clearly lies within the scope of this course (American history from 1877). The Columbia

College Writing Center provides helpful tips for improving clarity and analysis in your writing.
•Incorporate an introduction, body, and conclusion.
•Include paragraphs with approximately eight (8) sentences that develop a single topic.
•Be typed, 5 pages (approx. 1,300 words) in length, double-spaced, have 1-inch margins on all sides, and the pages must be numbered. You must use font that is 10-12

point and in a Times New Roman or similar style.
•Avoid spelling errors, awkward language, improper grammar, flawed punctuation, and other compositional mistakes.
•Include a title page for your paper formatted in accordance with the Rampolla text. The title does not need to be fancy, but should communicate your paper’s focus.
•Include a bibliography page with the primary and secondary sources listed separately. Please include the url for Website sources in the bibliography.
•Reference a minimum of four (4) primary sources and two (2) secondary sources. The primary sources may come from the Voices of Freedom readings but can be from any

source and must relate to the topic.
•Use the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) consistently and correctly. Do not use embedded parenthetical notes.
•Cite information within the body of the paper using footnotes. (You should include the url for Website sources in the footnotes.)

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