Pre-Writing: Perform a PAD analysis (Purpose, Audience, and Design) of your chosen correspondence by answering the following questions to yourself:
What’s your purpose? More than just the stated purpose? What’s the goal, the desired outcome?
Who’s your audience? More than just a name, what’s their stake in the situation? How are they disposed toward your correspondence? Are they an internal or external audience? What’s the power dynamic between you? What level of formality do they expect? What tone is appropriate?
What design will be most effective? Think about genre (i.e., letter, email, or memo). What genre is most appropriate. Think about style and format and length. Think about structure and organization. Consider the expectation of your audience and the purpose of the correspondence.
Drafting: After you have chosen the scenario and finished your PAD analysis, draft the outline and submit it here.
Outline ways to enacts facts (logos) and how to phrase things to hint at your credibility (ethos) and the timeliness (Kairos).
An outline can consist of an informal list, a bubble cluster, or a formal outline (Roman numerals and all).
An outline for this type of assignment  doesn’t have to span more than a page, but it shouldn’t consist of just a few sentences.
It would be best to indicate which scenario you chose, number the correspondence (1, 2, 3), and label each one (email/memo/letter?), also indicating who it is for
Click here for an sample outline for scenario responses
At the top or bottom of the document, include the password for the Day 2 video lecture

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