Overview on 4G

Overview on 4G


The principles of the telecommunication engineering are continuously sprouting. 4G is a fourth generation technology. 4G is an evolution from 3G. The major plan of 4G technology is to ensure that users can access and have a faster and more reliable internet access on their mobile phones and the mobile broadband services and combine all other networks. The speeds in 3G range from 3.6mbps to 7.2 mbps.

  1. Introduction

4G is an ultra-high-speed broadband wireless system. The next generation expertise has two ideas: – Linear 4G idea plus simultaneous 4G idea [3]. The previous vision centers on the cellular scheme with extremely elevated information rates exceeding 100 Mbps, while the latter centers on the flawless expertise provisioning over all the wireless systems and delivering the finest services. Currently some companies are working on the creation of the 4th generation technology for mobile systems. This will ensure there is a connection that will always be on and this will ensure reliable voice calls, better access to internet and putting the media on its toes.

In china, some speeds of up to 100mbps have been detected when downloading even when moving or even when driving. This means that when one is in a stationary point the speed can get to even a gigabyte per second. This may seem very strange and it is an enormous development because of the download pace, thus this will continue to modernize our way in to the internet [1]. The cost of the internet and voice calls will also reduce drastically because less bandwidth will be in use.

  1. Comparison between previous technology and 4G

When we go back at where it started, in 1G an analog transmission was used and mostly it returned an echo. The 2nd generation signified a large rise forward in expertise [3]. They can be fixed with protection and they receive less bandwidth. Cost of communication also reduced than it was in 1G. This brought about an increased demand in mobile phones, email and short messaging services were initialized [3]. Capacity of the phone companies was surpassed both in rural and urban settings.

3G was introduced and it enhanced wireless voice, video and data transmission. This offered more download and upload capability for browsing the internet and sending short messages and also multimedia messages.

4G is set to offer its clients with a bigger and wider increase in statistics transmission by up to 4 times [2]. 4G is intended for data access by use of mobile phones rather than voice.

  1. Advantagigitales of 4G

The 4th generation technology will provide an advanced data rate accessible with broadband wireless expertise. For instance, audio, graphics, video talks and games online will be better and faster and like all other wireless services, it will be very convenient and cheap. This is because there is no cost of cable setup and the service is set up everywhere. 4G has a bigger and wider increase in information broadcast by up to 4 times, meaning internet will be more reliable……………………………………………………………………………..

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