Owasp Report Question Do general research online on how OWASP website work


Do general research online on how OWASP website work and the tools it uses. Then review the attached files. 

Part 3 Analyze vulnerabilities in DVWA 1200words due 1pm today kes 1400

Review the OWASP documents for specific information on creating a vulnerability assessment report

OWASP testing guide

Software Assurance Maturity model

Owasp application security verification standard

OWASP development guide

Owasp code review guide

In the Lab report, create a vulnerability assessment report based on the OWASP documents and your analysis of all the issues researched in this lab.

·       Executive summary (Include a general overview of the security state of the DVWA based on the reports provided)

·       Summary of the testing methods/tools used .

·       Summary of the findings (Include all issues researched in this Lab)

·       Recommendations (Map the researched issues to recommendations outlined by the OWASP and open SAMM models; cite your work properly)


Note: You may use your own format for the vulnerability assessment report, but the OWASP code review guide provides a sample report format for each incident as shown in the following figure


Title: Owasp Report
Length: 4 pages (1200 Words)
Style: APA


Majority of the well informed cooperation’s and organization are aware to the fact that the organization’s websites and applications are more than the platform of information service. The website represents the cooperate image which is important avenue where the customers get information and the public get awareness of the products or services offered by the organization. In a situation where the security of the website will be breached, it will lead to the loss of the information in an organization and as a result, the issues of trust and credibility will eventually be breached.

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