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Local healthcare systems can play an important role in implementing an evidence based practice for diabetes prevention that is culturally appropriate, as local healthcare systems are interested in protecting the health of the community (CDC, 2016). Each state sub-awards half of the funds they receive to support prevention activities in four to eight communities to reach high-burden priority populations with the largest disparities in diabetes (CDC, 2016). CDC funds 17 states and 4 large cities to plan, implement, and evaluate type 2 diabetes prevention interventions addressing environmental, health care system, and community-clinical linkage strategies (CDC, 2016). Areas of focus from the local healthcare system, are Increase coverage for evidence-based supports for lifestyle change under the National DPP by working with network partners, Increase engagement of community health workers to promote linkages between health systems and community resources for adults with prediabetes, and diabetes (CDC, 2016).

The anecdotal evidence provided by my mentor, was the recommendations of the community preventive services task force, which stated to engage community health workers to help patients manage their diabetes, across all diversities (The Community Guide, n.d.). Interventions engaging community health workers in diabetes management are typically implemented in underserved communities and can improve health, reduce health disparities, and enhance health equity (The Community Guide, n.d.). Community health workers are frontline public health workers who serve as a bridge between underserved communities and healthcare systems. Interventions that focus on diabetes prevention aim to reduce one or more risk factors for type 2 diabetes among members of the community by improving their diet, physical activity, and weight management (The Community Guide, n.d.). Community health workers may work alone or as part of an intervention team comprising school nurses, counselors, clinicians, or other health professionals (The Community Guide, n.d.).

Healthcare systems together with local healthcare communities can integrate the elements of community-based programs that are effective across the continuum of the care to enhance patient-centered outcomes, enable patient acceptability and ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes, across all diversities (Philis-Tsimikas & Gallo, 2014). Translating evidence-based programs such as the Diabetes Prevention Program into a community-based format can assist people at risk for diabetes in developing and maintaining behaviors that can prevent or delay the onset of diabetes (Philis-Tsimikas & Gallo, 2014). Identifying additional community resources that will assist patients in achieving their clinical and behavioral goals are critical since these systems may be more easily available to patients in their neighborhoods, and the local healthcare system (Philis-Tsimikas & Gallo, 2014).

Strategies to address delivery of culturally appropriate diabetes prevention programs can be identifying and addressing language, numeracy, or cultural barriers to care; integrating evidence-based guidelines and clinical information tools into the process of care; and incorporating care management teams including nurses, and local healthcare systems working together in roles that strengthening the intervention as well as delivering it (Philis-Tsimikas & Gallo, 2014).

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