Course Project
The annotated bibliography for the course project is due this week. The bibliography must include no less than four quality academic sources and include annotations of at least two sentences, each describing how the source will contribute to your paper.
End of this week – Turn in an annotated bibliography of at least 4 academic quality sources. The bibliography must be composed in APA format. The annotations should be 2-3 sentences in length and briefly explain the content of the source as it relates to the topic of the paper.(course project in arts/ 20th century arts and humanities)
Topics for the Course Project only (choose 1.)

1. Using two examples, each from different disciplines (i.e. painting and a piece music OR architecture and a sculpture), explain how the “human condition” is portrayed in 20th century arts and humanities.
2. Using two specific examples from two different architects, analyze the introduction of “function” in architecture during the 20th century.(course project in arts/ 20th century arts and humanities)
3. Using at least two examples of plays by two different playwrights, analyze how the search for the “American Dream” was portrayed in 20th century Theater.
4. Analyze the cultural changes that took place during the 20th century as shown in the aesthetics of that period.(course project in arts/ 20th century arts and humanities)
5. Using at least two specific examples, analyze the influence that Existentialism had on 20th century humanities.
6. Discuss the theme of death portrayed in 20th century art — visual arts, music, and theater especially.(course project in arts/ 20th century arts and humanities)

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