Corporate social responsibility is a form of simple corporate self-regulation that is integrated into a business model. It has other numerous names. They include corporate citizenship, corporate conscience, social performance, sustainable responsible business or social performance. Corporate social responsibility mainly functions as self-regulating, built-in, mechanism whereby a business can ensure and monitor its active compliance with the rules of the law, international norms, and ethical standards. Program application in any business that involves corporate social responsibility usually goes beyond the rules regarding compliance.

This means that corporate social responsibility is involved in actions that show increased social good beyond the required social norms and also beyond the law and firm’s interests. Corporate social responsibility aims at embracing responsibility for the actions that a company is involved in on a daily basis. Corporate social responsibility encourages a positive impact of a given company through its activities on the surrounding communities, consumers, environment, employees, stakeholders, and public members.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility program application on management sector can be very useful. As a PhD proposal, this research proposal will focus on the various aspects of corporate social responsibility that encompass the management sector and are related to that field. The specific issue to be addressed will be the extra mile that the management sector goes in order to define corporate social responsibility. In management, there is a need for responsibility primarily in the human resource department. In fact, the management major that deals with the top management criterion should observe the requirements that come with the corporate social responsibility of their designated company.

The involvement of corporate social responsibility in the management major of a given company is too general. This PhD proposal will specifically focus on the extra mile that a management team engages in that is not within its law or business parameter obligations. It will thoroughly use qualitative means of research. This is because management usually uses people and this is the best method to research on human beings. Qualitative means of research uses people in general and avoids scientific data collection methods. This is an effective method of research as it involves the values, attitudes, beliefs and interactions of people in research methodologies (Miller, 1986)

Needs and Significance of the Study

The significance of the study clearly is its usefulness in defining the core importance of corporate social responsibility in the management major. Clearly, this is necessary since it will help the management sector to be responsible for how they relate to the general surrounding environment. This PhD proposal has a demonstrable gap in the existing literature that it intends to fill. This is by the way the human resource department in the management sector relates to the customers and the general stakeholders that are secondary to its line of work.
The originality of the significance of the proposal question is to clearly demonstrate what corporate social responsibility is from what many people perceive it to be. This is because people perceive the required duties of the management to be corporate social responsibility.

Research Aims and Objectives

The research aims and objectives are to show the importance of corporate social responsibility program application in order to help the audience to whom the research proposal is intended to understand the value of corporate social responsibility in the management of a given business company. The study needs an in-depth qualitative methodology application to show the importance of corporate social responsibility program application on the management department of a given company or enterprise.

The objective of the research proposal is also to draw the line between law and societal obligations and the additional step that a given management department will undertake. The additional step that the management could undertake means its own initiative to act socially responsible. For instance, the human resource department offering additional information to customers is not a requirement by the law. In this case, it is their social initiated responsibility. This is in order to show aspects of corporate social responsibility. The corporate social responsibility on the management criteria should look into the actions of the company or enterprise that are responsible to the general public, customers, and environment.


The methodology of the research as earlier pointed out will use qualitative means of research. Qualitative means of research does not involve scientific manipulation of data. It uses human being in its process of acquiring information. Qualitative means will be effectively applied on the management major. Applicably, in the human resource management sector, survey, which is a qualitative method, will be used to enquire about corporate social responsibility. Moreover, it will yield results on the measures and differentiated levels of social responsibility the human resource department has taken. This is in order to promote its corporate social responsibility agenda. The qualitative methodology will show how the human resource in the management sector portrays social corporate responsibility…”

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