PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLANUQX: BUSLEAD1XMuhammad Yasir Khan 1/3/13 BECOMING AN EFFECTIVE LEADERTable of Contents:TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1INTRODUCTION: 2MY CURRENT REALITY 2MY FUTURE REALITY 4MY TOP STRENGTHS: 5TOP DEVELOPMENT NEEDS: 6MY ACTION PLANS 8REFERENCES 10Introduction:The purpose of this personal development plan is to write myself a detailed plan outlining mycurrent reality and the future aspiration for career development and self‐improvement. I will becompleting the plan with the solid steps, which will be outlined in the action plan section of thisdocument, for the future improvement.Several instruments were used, throughout the course, to determine the key themes relevant tomy potential areas of development are indicated below: TKI Conflict Mode Instrument: Need to adopt more Collaborative Style GEIT Emotional Intelligence: Relationship Management Resilience Test: Social Support & Purposefulness Johari Window Assessment: Reduce Unknowns MindTools ‐ Leadership Skills: Providing Compelling Vision, Support and Stimulation Self‐Assessed Wisdom Scale (SAWS) Test: Reflection, Humour & OpennessThis plan will consist of six parts, as indicated below: Introduction My current reality Working towards my future reality My action plans Conclusion ReferencesMy Current RealityI am Head of IT Infrastructure having experience of more than 15 years. Being Pakistani national,I work in Qatar as expatriate employee. I was working in core technical role throughout my careerand have been promoted to Management position around 2 ½ years back.Details of my development themes, extracted through several instruments, which I would like toinclude in this PDP are as below: InstrumentKey FindingsTKI Conflict ModeI have realised that instead of accommodating, adopting orcompeting style, I need to develop collaborative style in myleadership skills resulting in win‐win situations GEIT Emotional IntelligenceWhile there were other strengths and weaknesses, theweakness which I really need to work on, is relationshipmanagement & development.Apart from GEIT assessment, I know that I am very straightforward and introvert type of person. I usually do not go topeople personally and remind them for the work that I haveassigned, keeping in mind that everyone should do their jobwithout external influence or priority setting. This has proven tobe non‐effective often and personal relationship matters themost. I heave learned the same the hard way.Resilience TestResilience and grit is the ability to stand back when you areknocked down. It’s a quality that we all possess to some degree,but some of us need to polish it more comparing to others.Resilience is very important due to fact that it keeps us focuseduntil we reach our goals. It also allows us to deal with difficultsituations, and to grow by encouraging us to look at the positiveside and to manage stress.As per resilience test instrument results, two themes which aremost lacking in myself and need to be improved are SocialSupport & Purposefulness.Purposefulness:Strong Goals and focus enable us not to deter or derail the bigpicture when the calamity strikes, or when un‐plannedfirefighting type of work reaches the table.Social Support:Increase Working Relationship was another theme which wasidentified in resilience test results as weakness for me toovercome.Johari Window AssessmentThe Johari Window Assessment showed the developmenttheme around visibility & self‐marketing. Since I am an introvertby nature, I do not go around and announce my achievementsto peers and managers and have the tendency to keep them tomyself. Specific action items have been outlined in the ActionPlan section to overcome this situation.MindTools ‐ LeadershipSkillsProviding Compelling Vision, Support and Stimulation to myteam, and influence others with the same, was identified by theLeadership Skills’ instrument by mindtools. I got very goodoverall result but still there are always areas of improvement.Self‐Assessed Wisdom Scale(SAWS) TestSome unique characteristics, which were identified by SWAStest. are worth mentioning as current reality. I do lack overall inreflection part since I keep my focus to current and future.Humour is another quality that I need to look for and keep it inmy professional and personal life. Some key highlights, which will relay my current reality are: Constant above average performance achievement, from last 9 years, in year‐endperformance Upgraded thrice in grade and twice in position in my current job Part of highly innovative and progressing team in this part of the world, resulting in beinginvited to events as guest speaker (Ref: 1) or showcase the achievements of theorganization (Ref 6 & 7)As the potential areas of improvement, apart from soft skills identified above, there are sometechnical skills, degrees and certifications which I will outline in the action plan section.My Future RealityI have already crossed forty (40) and my career progress is in very good shape in terms ofremuneration, repo and respect.The picture below can sum it up:I am currently between principal consultant and Manager as my current job title is Head of ITOperations and I report to IT manager.For the future reality, I believe this word cloud is the best fit:This depicts the career progression via innovative ideas coupled with leadership skills I havelearned in this course and more courses to come. (Ref: Business Leadership MicroMastersProgram 2)For career progression, I have specific plans about technical skills, soft skills & self‐grooming forthe management role.My Top Strengths: Strong Technical Skills and Knowledge: I have vast experience of working with severalhardware platforms, Operating Systems, Databases, Network Devices and ERPApplications. Problem solving analytical skills: I have very good problem‐solving skills and provideguidance to my team when they are in need. Decision Making Skills: I involve my team in the decision‐making process and their buy‐inbefore I enforce the decision. I plan things with them so that they feel involved andempowered. Influence and Negotiations Skills: I have been told by other departments that I possessgood negotiation skills in the tough situations and I am able to influence my decision uponothers not because of my position or power rather by convincing them with my side ofthe story or by thinking out of the box. Ability to drive Change: I have contributed to many changes in my organization andcommunication is the key while driving the change. I keep people engaged and keep theircuriosity high so that they take interest in the change and get involved in the process bythemselves.Top Development Needs: Cross‐Functional Skills specific to Business Processes: Although I have good technicalskills, I do not have very good knowledge of the business processes and functional side ofthe things. To be able to perform in leadership position, I must have good businessknowledge. Relationship development: It is very evident by “my current reality” that I lack inrelationships and getting things done through relationship. I am primarily an introvert andI have developed relationship skills to some extent. However, still more work must bedone to develop the same. Drive Vision through Strategy: I have proven myself to execute and enforce the vision oftop management, but I need to develop my own vision, aligned with corporate anddepartmental vision and develop the strategy for the same and then get it implemented.For this, I need to keep on increasing my knowledge for all the innovations andmap/convert them into business to get the buy‐in of the stake holders and get the ballrolling. Self‐efficacy & Self‐awareness: Self‐efficacy is very important for career progression,especially in high pressure and dynamic environment as high self‐efficacy leads to moresuccess full outcomes compared to personnel having low self‐efficacy (Ref: 3).Psychologist Albert Bandura has defined self‐efficacy as one’s belief in one’s ability tosucceed in specific situations or accomplish a task (Ref: 4). Visibility & Marketing: As per the assessment of Johari Window instrument, I need toreduce my unknowns. I have specific action items for the same which I have shared in theAction Plan Section. Education and Certifications: Apart from Behavioural skills, soft skills & EQ, I also need toimprove my technical knowledge by attempting the post graduate program and relativecertifications. Health and Fitness: I neglect myself and do not work out. I usually blame time for thesame, but I think I am just procrastinating this and should change my lazy habits aboutthe health and fitness routines.My Action Plans ActionBalloonsAnchorsMitigationTake MBA Course with good &internationally recognized university ‐Within 4 years from nowMasters in Major ProgramManagement by University ofOxfordTime &MoneySave money & for the timepart, check my self‐efficacy bytaking several online EDXCoursesStrengthen my relationship acrossorganization and outside organization –make 10 new friends within 6 monthsTake part in external eventsListen to TED talks about relationbuildingGo to events of professionalorganizationsMy lazinessHave reminders to myself andread this action plan once aweekLaunch myself on Social Media – within 3monthsSign‐up on Facebook & TwitterNoneNot applicableTake digital transformation strategycourse and platform strategy for businesscourse (Ref: 5) – within 6 months fromnowRead book Blue Ocean Strategy within 4months from nowWill also help in digitaltransformation in current jobTimeNeed to invest my weekendsDelegate more work tosubordinatesGet a coach within 3 months and will haverelationship for at least 1 year with himWill work with my cousin –informalWill work with my uncle – formalcoachingTime &shynessHave reminders to myself andread this action plan Pay industry expert to perform thecoaching sessionsVery difficult to find withinorganization – check the possibilitywith HRRead at least 3 articles and watch at least3 TED talks about self‐efficacy and self‐awareness ‐ within 1 month from nowTed talks and several articles areavailableTimeDo it before sleepingTake following certifications and coursesand display them on my office wall and letHR know about the course I took to beregistered in my employee file:‐ Certified Information TechnologyManager‐ Business Leadership Course‐ Digital Leadership Course‐ PMP‐ Etc.Within 1 year from now.Will also hang current certifications on myoffice wall – 1 month from nowWill help people recognize myknowledge and skillsNoneN/AWill walk for 30 mins at least ‐ dailyMorning or EveningTime andLazinessWill have alarm to remindmyself ConclusionThe whole course was very good and helpful in getting the theoretical insights about the coursebut the most weightage, in terms of solid actions, has been developed by completing thisassignment. It was a real tough brain exercise and helped me come out of my comfort zone andrealize my “current reality” and workout the action plan for career progression.I would like to conclude with the following key take away, from this personal development plan: Built Relationships, they are very important Get a coach, it will help to improve myself Get more knowledge by reading, certifications, post‐grad programs, etc. Don’t forget your self – life is very important to be wasted in office onlyReferences1.‐business‐leadership3. Stajkovic, A. D. & Luthans, F. (1998). “Self‐efficacy and work‐related performance: Ameta‐analysis”. Psychological Bulletin. 2: 240–2614. Bandura, Albert (1982). “Self‐efficacy mechanism in human agency”. AmericanPsychologist. 37 (2): 122–1475.‐leadership6.‐us/story/nakilat‐process‐mfg‐resources‐microsoft365

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