“My parents played a huge role in imparting to me some life characteristics that has greatly shaped my life. I believe that am the person am now because of what my parents’ contributed. There are many characteristics that I poses that I directly link to both my mother and father. These aspects that I believe I acquired and inherited from my parents include my social life, academic capabilities, values, ethics, general discipline, and behavioral characteristics. These characteristics were contributed majorly by my parents by influencing me in one way or another.

Because I hail from high socio-economic background established by my parents, I have exhibited high achievement behavioral aspects and starling performances throughout my education system. Both my parents were high school teachers and did part-time farming in our rural home, which means that their socio-economic background was much stronger thus enabling me attend superior institutions of learning. This aspect of the family high socio-economic status impacted me to work hard in school, thus becoming a high achiever by giving me stable state of mind. Being high school teachers, my parents created a favorable environment where they could constantly remind me the benefits of education. The motivation and favorable learning environment enabled me to attain good grades thus allowing me pursue my dream-career of being a doctor. Currently, I am a doctor because of this. My parents were also caring and loving, thus providing me with an excellent environment where I could grow and become a doctor.”

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