A persuasive essay is among the simplest and interesting essay that students would enjoy writing. It is not very technical but is used to test convincing and persuasion power of writers. A good persuasion essay will be able to convince readers into believing in your opinion. It does not matter how crazy your opinion is, your work is to persuade them. A persuasive therefore is easy to learn and once you have polished the skills it becomes a walk over. The other good thing with such an essay is that it can be done within a day. It does not require much, reason why students love it.

Some students might not be very good at convincing people into going by their opinion. What happens to students who cannot write better persuasive essays? With the changing technology today, such students cannot miss to get help. The internet provides a lot of useful information on essay writing. Apart from that there are essay writing services that offer assistance to students. Reliablepapers.com provides the best persuasive essays and best guides on persuasive essays. We provide a few guides on how to write persuasive essays on your own and things that make writing easier.

Persuasive essay samples

Samples from Reliablepapers.com guide students into writing their own essays. Sometimes students believe that they are totally poor in writing essays, but that might not be the case. A student only needs to be motivated into writing. Motivation and being guided will enable students wake up and write down something on paper. Samples are a great tool for students who are learning to write a persuasive essay. A sample of persuasive essay from Reliablepapers.com is written to guide students when doing their own papers.

Persuasive essay template

A persuasive essay template is used to guide students in formatting of a persuasive essay. There are different styles of templates provided for students on the internet. A persuasive essay sample from Reliablepapers.com is well formatted.

Persuasive essay outline template

An outline is used to guide one when reading the persuasive essay. Readers can quickly look up in the outline a topic that they specifically need to read.

Persuasive essay outline example

Paragraph 1 (Introduction)

  1. General statement (1-3 sentences)catch the reader’s attention
  2. Thesis statement

Paragraph 2 (Reason 1)

  1. Opinion + because + reason 1.
  2. Discuss reason 1
  3. Three supporting details or examples

Paragraph 3 (Reason 2)

  1. Opinion + because + reason 2
  2. Discuss reason 2
  3. Three supporting details or examples

Paragraph 4 (Reason 3)

  1. Opinion + because + reason 3
  2. Discuss reason 3
  3. Three supporting details or examples

Paragraph 5

  1. Restate your opinion
  2. Summarize our points
  3. Finish with a general statement

Persuasive essay prompts

Persuasive writing seeks to persuade the reader to change his /her opinion. Provided is a list of persuasive essay prompts that students will find interesting

  • Your principal has extended your tuition period by three weeks. Convince your principal to make it a one week extension.
  • Your teacher has decided to give you two exams the same day. Convince your teacher to give you the other exam the next day
  • Your mother does not like pets. Convince her to buy for you
  • Convince your parents to let you go for a vacation with your friends
  • Convince your friends to join your environmental club
  • Many students at the college involve themselves in sexual intercourse. Write a persuasive essay convincing them to abstain and engage in other useful activities.
  • You want to buy something that is very expensive. Convince your parents to buy for you.
  • The city council is planning to ban children from riding bicycles in the park. Write a letter to the council convincing them not to go ahead with the ban.

Persuasive essay thesis examples

A strong thesis statement is key in a persuasive essay. Your thesis should therefore provide a topic of your essay, opinion on that topic and summarize your arguments. Here is how to write a good thesis for your persuasive essay.

Express your opinion

Ask yourself if readers would quickly agree with your opinion. Test your thesis before writing it. Readers should identify your opinion by reading your thesis. Make your thesis clear by including your opinion.

Be specific

Be clear and concise. Go straight to your opinion and let readers know your stand.


  • A vague thesis

Distant learning is a good choice for students

  • A strong thesis

Distant learning is a better choice than traditional classroom learning because they’re more flexible for students and teachers, they are less expensive and they let student’s works at their own pace.

Include evidence

The above example of a stronger thesis has provided evidence in it. The thesis does not only provide a topic and an opinion but also accompanied by strong evidence. Finally your thesis should answer the question of either why and how.

Persuasive essay thesis example

Sex education and awareness

Sex education should be implemented in colleges and universities. Very many students have to be made aware of the consequences of engaging in sex. I personally support this topic. There are many rising cases of rape in universities, molestation and early pregnancies. This matter has to be keenly looked at. Students indulging themselves in unprotected sex leading to rise of transmitted sexual infections are evidences of lack of awareness among masses. It is therefore our responsibility to spread the word of safety measures during sexual contact.

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