School Uniform

A lot of schools based on local or governmental initiative implemented school uniforms and there are various opinions and views that support or withstand this notion. These arguments vary from those, who state that uniform is a necessary attribute of discipline and order creation among school children to the fact that its introduction is the violation of individual freedom.

Considering all the arguments and evidence that each of the positions provide to prove the right for existence, one can get lost in the load of information. I strongly believe, however, that there is no reason for children to be devoid of their self-expression through the way they dress and behave.

The history of the uniform goes back to France and implementation of the standard uniform at schools and military academies as a mean to avoid social layers’ differentiation and making children look at the mental and personal aspects, rather than judge their peers by appearance. In modern society, school uniform seems to play the role of value that schools offer to the families and more an attribute of fashion and status of school than playing any social role. While, undoubtedly, uniform generates specific attitudes and consequences, it does not seem to be a primary objective of schools to affect individual behavior.

I believe that…

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