The only reference that i want you to use is my book Essentials of systems analysis & design by Valacich, George and Hoffer

Course Project

Petrie’s Electronics Case

Petrie’s Electronics Case, Chapter 5, Questions 1?5

Petrie’s Electronics Case, Chapter 6, Questions 1?5

Data Flow Diagrams

Course Project – Data Flow Diagrams
Context Diagram (Redesign PE Figure 6-1, page 186)
Level-0 Diagram (Redesign PE Figure 6-2, page 187; the book says it is a level 1 – but that is a mistake, it is a level-0 diagram)
Level-1 Diagrams (Create four total; one for each process on the level-0 diagram)
Also, work on the following items.

Interview Outline

Petrie’s Electronics needs to improve its marketing and customer retention by increasing customer loyalty. The marketing department is in need of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Upper management has selected No Customer Escapes as the top Information Technology project this year.

2. In order to gather detailed requirements, we will need to do the following.

a. Continue reading in our book. Last week we read Chapter 3 and 4; this week we must understand all of the concepts in Chapters 5 and 6.

b. Read the Petrie’s Case Questions at the end of Chapter 5 and 6 to add to what we learned in previous weeks.

c. We have already gathered some requirements and constraints identified in PE Table 5-1, on page 150 of our textbook.

3. We will validate the requirements in Table 5-1, and gather additional requirements by using:

a. Traditional method for Determining Requirements.

Interviewing stakeholders.
Observing workers.
Review existing documentation as described by Table 5-1 on page 125 of our textbook.
b. Modern Methods for Determining Requirements.

Joint Application and Design sessions.
c. Radical Methods for Determining Requirements.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR).
Disruptive Technologies.
4. To better understand a process for requirements gathering, we should review how Pine Valley Furniture will determine requirements for their Web store project (pages 143?146) in the book.

5. The Petrie’s Electronics Case in Chapter 5 on pages 150?151, describes how you will collect requirements for the CRM project. The Project Manager has decided not to build the system in-house, but to research current customer loyalty systems in use in the market place today. Sanjay was tasked to find three possible alternatives as described in PE Table 5-2 on page 151.

Week 3 Project Tasks

Read the Petrie?s Electronic Case at the end of Chapter 5, pages 150?151.
Read the Petrie?s Electronic Case at the end of Chapter 6, pages 185?187.
Review the Course Project tab under Course Home to analyze what deliverables are needed for this package:
Category Points
Petrie’s Electronics Case, Chapter 5, Questions 1?5 25
Petrie’s Electronics Case, Chapter 6, Questions 1?5. Update existing diagrams.

Update the Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Context Diagram on page 186 per the Week 6 Case Questions on page 187. Let the team know the DFD on page 187 is actually the level-0 diagram.
Update the level-0 diagram on page 187 as required by the Week 6 Case Questions on page 187.
Interview Outline.


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