Politics & Policy in Health Care Systems Health Policy Analysis Guidelines

MSN 7741 Politics & Policy in Health Care Systems
Health Policy Analysis Guidelines
The purpose of the assignment is for students to develop knowledge about the analysis of a health policy issue within the context of the policy making process. This assignment can focus on a public health policy issue emanating from the federal, state, or local arena. The student will:
  • Determine a specific topic/area of health policy to be studied obtaining instructor approval in Week One, designated Discussion Board.
  • Research the policy/program using a variety of methods.
  • Prepare a paper that applies components of the policymaking process using a stage-sequential model (MLC textbook Chapters 7-8)
  • Include the following in the formal paper (each may be used as APA headings):
    • A. Policy Problem
          • a. Background
            • Social Factors
            • Economic Factors
            • Ethical Factors
            • Political Factors
            • Legal Factors
        • B. Policy Goals & Objectives
        • C. Evaluations of Options & Alternatives
          • Cost
          • Quality of Care]
          • Protection of patient & provider autonomy
          • Political Feasibility
        • D. Nursing Implications
        • E. Conclusion
        • An abstract should be provided in your term paper. Abstract according to APA:
          • Single paragraph
          • Block format no indent
          • Less than 120 words
          • All numbers written in Arabic
          • Paraphrase rather than quote
          • Utilize active voice
          • Explain any abbreviations utilized i.e. American Nurses Association (ANA).
        • Paper is to be in APA format (use template) and proper in-text citations and reference list included. Supporting citations are to be within the last 5 years and authoritative sources such as peer-reviewed journals. Be sure to correctly cite the policy according to APA citation.
      2-17-2012 LAB, updated 3.25.14 kld

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