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Assessment Item 3: Position paper


Further to the material in the Unit Outline, this information sheet sets out the scenario and instructions for this assignment.


The ACT Government has decided to hold an Inquiry into its 2020 Tourism Strategy.  There has been much industry disquiet about the Strategy, and the Government wishes to hold an open and impartial inquiry into the Strategy.

In doing so, the Government has invited public and stakeholder submissions on the Strategy.

You have been asked to prepare a submission to the Inquiry.


In particular, you have been asked to:.

  • Prepare a Position Paper on one of the ‘Changes in tourism demand resulting from increased travel by emerging nations’ you have been studying in this Unit; and
  • To use the material and references used in this course, as well as other recent tourism and relevant literature to support your position

To meet this request, you need to write a persuasive Position Paper that:

  • Provides background on the Strategy, so you can demonstrate you know the document you are commenting on;
  • Provides background on, and shows the importance of, the issue of ‘Changes in tourism demand resulting from increased travel by emerging nations’;
  • Shows how the issue you have selected impacts on the Strategy, its goals or implementation; and
  • Given the above, argues for any advice you would give the Government on how to change or improve the existing strategy.

The Unit Outline (pp 8 – 9) should also be consulted for further requirements.

Choosing an issue from the ‘Ten Important World Tourism Issues’ 

You can choose any of the ten issues, except:

  • The one you have worked on in your Group Presentation; or
  • The one we will be workshopping in class.

Background to the Strategy

Here is what the ACT Government says about the Strategy:

The 2020 Tourism Strategy: Growing the visitor economy 2014-20 was launched by the ACT Minister for Tourism and Events, Andrew Barr, on 11 December 2013. The 2020 Tourism Strategy provides a framework to inform programs and activities that can realise the tourism potential of Canberra and the region. Specifically, the goal is to grow the value of the visitor economy from a current base of $1.58 billion to $2.5 billion by 2020. The strategy will align with the intent of the national 2020 framework which aims to double overnight visitor expenditure from $70 billion in 2010 to $140 billion in 2020.

Over the next six years, some of the focus areas that will assist in realising the ACT’s 2020 tourism potential include:

  • Investing in destination marketing activities that drive visitation from domestic and international target markets
  • Accessing initiatives including securing direct international flight services and growing domestic aviation capacity
  • Growing the digital capability of the industry
  • Supporting the key drivers of the visitor economy including business events, education tourism and tourism events
  • Creating the right business environment by encouraging investment and reducing regulatory burdens
  • Developing experience and industry development initiatives to complement investment in new product.

The actions outlined in the strategy provide a foundation for a whole of government, and whole of industry approach, to growing the visitor economy and realising the 2020 potential.

Importantly, the intent of the 2020 Strategy is for tourism to be viewed as a business that assists in broadening the ACT economy. Its continued growth relies on influencing many parts of the economy including business development, labour, skills, education, employment, investment, transport and aviation.

Link to the Strategy


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