LDRS 650: Principles of Organizational Leadership
Change Model Assignment

For this assignment you are to thinking critically about the change models covered in this class. Scholars and practitioners for many years have tried to come up with the best theories and models about leading change. You are to analyze each of the change theories and put together your ideal model of organizational change.

This model can look many different ways. It can be a graphic example of your model. It can be a picture that you relate to the change components. It could even be a series of circles and arrows that show an organizational change process. Make it be your own. Make it tie to something you can use and relate to.

Here are the few criteria for your assignment:
1. Create a new model of organizational change. Use concepts from any or all of the organizational change theories to create a model perfect for you to use to change organizations. Depict your model on one page using graphics, pictures, labels, or whatever you deem necessary. (i.e. You could use a compass to depict your model and each direction could symbolize a component of organizational change. Make the model yours! You pick the components that you think are important in organizational change.

2. Describe each component of your model in detail, telling us why you choose the elements you did and why you placed them in your model where you did. Use appropriate references to course materials or other sources to justify the components of your model.


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