OBJECTIVEThe purpose of this project is to demonstrate your understanding of the following course concepts:1. Apply fundamental concepts of vector image composition to create professional digital media.2. Identify and describe vector image editing techniques and their use in the development of digital media for current and emerging applications.3. Use industry standard software to create and manipulate vector artwork following workflow processes for delivery across multiple platforms, including print, Web sites, interactive projects, and video.4. Produce vector artwork following ethical principles and legal guidelines.
This project is designed to incorporate the main tools that a designer uses to create vector art, such as the pen tool, colors, and shapes. A design component of a coloring book page is the use of patterns and line work.
The theme of design is your choice. Some ideas include: favorite cartoon, sports, music, pop art, art deco, famous landmarks or places. Also keep in mind, that you are graded on the overall design of the page. The coloring book page should follow good design principles. It should be detailed and visually appealing.
DevelopmentYou will create two versions of the coloring book page, including a page with just the linework and a colored in version of the page.

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