Part 5: Project Quality Management
In many projects when scope, time or cost increases are faced, quality is frequently one of the items chosen to compensate for those increases, either in the components or the design. It is usually poor judgment to sacrifice quality for scope, time or cost and usually demonstrates a lack of proper planning and/or management on the part of the project manager. Regardless of the above, quality should be a major factor in any project and regular review and regular evaluation is necessary to ensure that quality standards are met in the project. This project is designed to optimize human resource functions involving hiring, assignment, benefits, etc., to improve the company’s successful accomplishment of assigned projects.
1. Develop a list of quality standards or requirements related to meeting stakeholder expectations described in the parts above and provide a brief description of each requirement. For example, the requirement might be that 80% of all projects are completed on time and on cost.
2. Based on the list created in Task 1, determine how you will measure progress on meeting the requirements. It should be possible to determine which projects were completed and met their time and cost goals and those which didn’t. You should also be able to determine which project managers were the most successful and which teams were the most and least successful. Remember when reviewing the success rate of the project managers and teams that scope changes ordered by higher management can significantly affect the success of a project if the time and cost criteria are not changed. Once the success parameters are established, you can analyze the effectiveness of your system to determine how the system assigned the individuals to the projects. This data provides criteria that can be used to assign individuals to teams in the future.
3. After analyzing ordering data, you decide to create a Pareto chart to see what teams are most successful. Create a spreadsheet in Excel using the data in the following table.

Team Success Rate
1 47%
2 96%
3 62%
4 82%
5 57%
6 84%
7 72%
8 81%
9 76%

4. Submit all products and your MSProject file (if appropriate) to the Module Dropbox in LearningStudio by the assigned date.

note: it is important to use MS project

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