Question 1 (30%). Select an international organisation (of your choice – AIA Singapore) and identify its closest competitor (Prudential Singapore). Present the two organisations and the criteria used for the identification of the competitor. Use ratio analysis technique to evaluate the financial performance of the two organizations; draw a comparative evaluation and critically discuss the findings. You need to access the annual financial statements of the last two years and provide details of the ratio calculations.
It is recommended to use graphs and tables to present your analysis, and cite academic literature.
Question 2 (30%). With reference to relevant literature, critically evaluate Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System. Develop a proposed Balanced Scorecard to include critical success factors (CSF’s) for AIA Singapore.
Question 3 (30%). Provide a critical analysis of the benefits and challenges of adopting Integrated Reporting (IR) for your selected organization (AIA Singapore). Use academic literature and refer to the International Integrated Reporting framework to support your discussion.

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