Psychological Criminology

Please answer the question after read the chapter 1 of Richard Wortley Book called “Psychological Criminology” and use the lecture slides to help.

Answer each question in 1 paragraph approx 50-100 words depending on the question. Don’t need to give reference.


1. Briefly outline the distinction between sociological and psychological approaches to understanding crime.
2. If science cannot answer moral questions, how can it inform moral debates?
3. Briefly describe the following debates as they apply to criminal behaviour:
• Free will/determinism
• Nature/nurture
• Normal/pathological
• Person/situation
4. What is the belief in the “noble savage”? Does it accurately account for differences in industrial and pre-industrial societies?
5. What are the shortcomings of each of these definitions of ‘mental pathology’:
• Mental pathology means he has a disease
• Mental pathology means he is morally sick
• Mental pathology means he is not normal
6. What is the naturalistic fallacy and why is it a fallacy?
7. If a person’s behaviour is determined, can it still be intentional? Why or why not?

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