Paul Smith is a vendor for made-to-order burgers. He has a small burger stall in a busy section of town where there is always a mobile crowd of potential customers. Although Paul Smith enjoyed brisk sales in the past, and has built up a good reputation for tasty food and efficient service, this has suffered of late. Following are some of the negative effects facing Paul Smith:

a) Sales are down by 30% over the last 3 months
b) Paul Smith has experienced high turnover of assisting staff
c) There has been some rumors that he is not using fresh ingredients thus affecting the quality of his food offering
d) There has also been some observations on the less than desirable state of cleanliness of the stall

Concerned with the abrupt downturn in his business performance, Paul Smith is eager to resolve the matter and make a quick and lasting turnaround. He has therefore enlisted your help to analyze the current issues affecting his business process, and to recommend changes that will help him re-gain his competitive advantage.

Using the problem solving methodology and appropriate quality control tools, examine and analyze Paul Smith’s problem in detail. Produce a justified and comprehensive solution program for Paul Smith where the results can be measured, checked, amended if necessary and implemented to ensure continuous improvement.
1. Assignments should be word processed.
2. Your assignment should be organized under suitable headings. An analytical piece of work is required. The use of ‘cut and paste’ approach will be penalized. It must be presented in a structured manner, with appropriate cover page, content page, abstract page, introduction, body (with appropriate heading / sub-headings), conclusion, references and any required appendices.
3. The assignments shall contain a minimum of 2500 to a maximum 3000 words, presented in text of font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing.
4. Your assignment shall reflect the depth and breadth of your original analyses in a clear and coherent manner. Due credit shall be given for excellent illustration of points using diagrammatic mode.
5. Any reference to authors and other writers shall be quoted with due acknowledgement in your assignment report using the Harvard Referencing System or APA.

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