There are five essay questions. Your answers to the essay questions must be at least 75-words.
Reference: DeCenzo, D. A. and Robbins, S. P. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (9th ed.) 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ
Please provide the complete question followed by the answer. Not an essay.
NOTE: If you use thoughts/ideas from other sources, be sure that you include an in-text citation and an end reference in your response. Also, keep in mind that if you use any direct quotations, you must cite the paragraph/page number where it can be found in the source, and be sure to include quotation marks at the beginning and end. Use APA format. Thank you.
Essay Questions:
Question #1. The emphasis on leased and temporary employees in an organization will only lead to a decrease in employee morale. These employees come in, do their jobs, and then leave it up to the full-timers to handle the details. Build an argument supporting this statement, and an argument against this statement.
At least 75-words- Answer #1:
Question #2. Describe the differences one may encounter when recruiting globally.
At least 75-words- Answer #2:
Question #3. What effect should a realistic job preview have on a new hire’s attitude and behavior?
At least 75-words- Answer #3:
Question #4. Explain the effects a learning organization may have on employees in today’s organizations. What are the HRM implications of this effect?
At least 75-words- Answer #4:
Question #5. Which of the 16 Myers-Briggs Typologies do you believe are more consistent with the behaviors needed in a) a sales position; b) a computer programmer; and c) HRM recruiter. Support your selections.

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