“To begin with, I am thankful to my lecturer teaching me this valuable art of writing in the best way possible. The entire ride has been interactive by all means and I am proud of my performance. They say that he who does not blow his trumpet does not get it blown on his behalf. I am pleased to sat that my portfolio sands out from the others due to the time and energy I put into it and the language prowess that I showed in the diction and overall presentation of the same. I consider myself a more confident writer than I was before.

This course has afforded me the skill to write reports better and with less time than before. This is one skill that I value as it will help me in writing research reports for other subjects. I have learnt how to communicate with more efficiency and this, I am sure, will also be reflected in my grades. I must admit that learning this language to the extent that I have, was no easy task as English is not my first language. It took me a lot of time to find the right grammar and construct meaningful sentences.

I want to also appreciate the curriculum as it covers all the important aspects of the English language. I am happy with the manner in which the course is taught and would encourage my friends to take the course in order to improve the way in which they communicate. The essay I found most useful was the one…”

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