500-650 word reports include an initial reflection on the subject and a question you have after reading the chapter. There are no outside sources necessary. This assignment is based solely on Prothero.It is structured like this: Abstract ( what is the overall chapter about in 150 words). 2 Themes in Prothero (choose 2 of the author’s main themes and discuss them. Conclusion: Make sure you write a question you have about the religion after having read Prothero.
It will be helpful to you if you use subheadings to break up your reflection reports: For example:Abstract:Theme OneTheme TwoConcluding question:
This is helpful when writing papers, so it keeps you focused and helps clarify your writing.
BOOK: Stephen Prothero,God is Not One – Harper Collins.
Prothero Ch 3 academichomeworkgenius.com

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