Operational change management is an essential tool which deals with implementing changes in the workplace, such as the manner of reporting, and job responsibilities. People are naturally resistant to change and as a result, a change in the organizational operations can be stressful to employees. It is therefore important to implement change in a calculative and considerate way, to minimize the expected challenges. This paper will centre on an action plan to implement operational changes at Desert Communications Inc.

Response of employees concerning their engagement during an operational change is dependent on the proper understanding of the intended changes in the organizational operations. This is in turn dependent on how the information is presented to them (Welte & Nink, 2012). Consequently, the manager should prepare a workshop where he is expected to present the new changes to his employees. The employees should also be informed on what will be addressed during the workshop before the event starts so as to be psychologically prepared.

After convening his employees, the manager should brief them on the recent developments that have led to decline in company’s profits. He should then sensitize on the need for developing and maintaining a strong and effective team. This would help to remind the employees on their responsibilities in the company in addition to preparing them for any other adjustments that might be made in the company. An effective team provides the basis for any organizational growth (Welte & Nink, 2012). He should engage them in a discussion on the importance of implementing the changes. These benefits are both to self and the entire organization. Moreover, the manager should explain in details to his employees on how the changes will be executed through use of key performance indicators and appraisals. Use of key performance indicators allows employees to feel they are fully integrated into the entire organization and also as part of the action planning (Welte & Nink, 2012).

The manager should further explain the areas that the company will chip in using its resources to ensure the plan succeed. This is what will constitute extrinsic sources of motivation to the employees. He should ensure that the event is as interactive as possible so as to learn the sincere views and responses of his employees concerning the intended changes. In addition, the manager should be in a position to answer any question that may arise.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT!

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