Public support has been essential in the rise of United States of America as the world’s superpower. Support for the prominence of the country has been exemplified by the immense support its citizens have for its position in global conflicts; especially the Second World War. The country’s citizens felt the urgent need for patriotism to serve the country resulting in the overwhelming show of determination shown by its citizens that eventually led to its gradual rise over the Soviet Union and other powerful nations. Furthermore, the growth in the country’s economy, overtaking global economic giants such as England and Germany, has been buoyed by immeasurable support by the public for many of the economic policies advanced by its leaders and the federal government.

Moreover, the American public and society has been industrious and very innovative in all sectors from economics and finance, to science and technology offering credible backing to the country’s rise in regard to global influence. The large numbers of entrepreneurs has seen the country gain global prominence in many sectors such in information technology, backed by multinational companies like Microsoft and IBM. Public support offered to the nation by its public sector including the multinational companies operating overseas has further added credence to US domination over global matters.

Propaganda has been used in the past especially during elections to turn public opinion in the favor of the party advancing the given half-truths to the public. Indeed, it has been seen that such misinformation can be used to effectively to lure the perspective of the public. Passing propaganda to the public, usually through the media, would in essence persuade a large number of the people to believe or at least get attuned to the position adopted by the government on given issues. With this view, the public’s support can be effectively attained by misinformation. In conclusion, propaganda can be applied by the country’s leaders to gain undue public support for programs that would have otherwise proved to be unpopular.


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