Prescreening test is an effort to examine an applicant’s effectiveness and efficiency before further selection during a job application. Prescreening test is testified to be beneficial since it becomes possible for an employer to know the employees potentiality and the performance (Wolraich, 2003). In order for a company to employ qualified human resource personnel, a company may different types of prescreening tests, which include test lets and biographical data.

Test lets is one of the prescreening test that can be used in by organizations to weigh individual’s scale of competence. In test lets, different forms of short tests are administered to prospective applicants at the time of recruitment. These tests are carried out to check on the validity and length criteria of applicants. The tests items can be unreliable since they may fail to reflect the requirements of the job in a direct manner. On the other hand, Wolraich (2003) affirm that the test has a high validity given that it covers a wide range of realistic behavior of individuals.

Biographical data is a prescreening test that provides information about a person’s past life and work experience. This prescreening test involves establishing significant correlation between the information provided and criterion measures for a group of job incumbents with high statistical validity. At the same time, biographical data has a high reliability since it can predict job success with notable success.

Given a chance to choose a given test, the biographical data will be the test of choice based on its reliability as well as the validity. As a prescreening test, biographical data provide employers with the applicant’s data with significant statistical validity. In addition, its use as a prescreening test provides employers the opportunity to predict the outcomes of the selection process to a high a degree as compare to the test lets.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT!

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