Assignment: prepare a 5 to 8 PowerPoint presentation slide with speaker notes 200-250 words per each main body slide with 3 to 4 bullet comments per slide addresses the following:

Situations/History: As the newly hired HR manager for a jewelry store, you have placed your initial focus on the areas of staffing and training development. During your organizational analysis, you discovered the following with regard to staffing and training:
� Line managers are currently handling the recruiting and staffing functions. Each manager tends to follow different hiring practices. Some of the managers are reluctant to hand over the hiring of their staff to the HR department. Other managers feel burdened with the staffing responsibilities and are anxious to turn it over as quickly as possible. No job descriptions exist within the organization.
� Upon hire, employees are given a 2-hour orientation session focusing on department policy and procedure. There is no additional training given, but rather, it is on the job training and learn as you go. There are no formal training classes and no management training programs.

You would like to obtain feedback from the line managers prior to making a presentation to the CEO. Taking the above conditions into consideration, address the following questions in a presentation you will deliver to a team of three to four line managers:

Staffing Function:
� What are your preliminary recommendations with regard to centralizing the staffing function under the HR umbrella?
� What will the new process look like?
� With regard to this new staffing strategy, what challenges do you anticipate, and what is your plan to overcome those challenges?
� How can you position this to demonstrate how this will impact the performance efforts of the organization?
� What results do you anticipate?
Training and Development Function:
� With regard to the training/development function, what preliminary recommendations would you make?
� What challenges do you anticipate with this new employee development strategy, and what is your plan to overcome those challenges?
� How can you position this decision to the CEO to demonstrate how this will impact the performance efforts of the organization?
� What results do you anticipate?

Example of how slides should be (5 slides with 3-4 bullets which cover the topics stated above)
� Review of marketing practices
o Market trends
� Concerns on privacy and direct marketing

Speaker Notes section of slide (below each main body slide) 200-250 word coving topic or bullet points on slide:

Example: Changes in the demands, needs as well as in the tastes and preferences of the consumers have necessitated a review of the existing marketing strategies and practices. The review of marketing practices has also been necessitated by emergence and development of new technologies, new media as well as the need for increased transparency and accountability. These market trends have contributed to the development and adoption of direct marketing which allows markets to target potential consumers based on their tastes, demands and preferences. Through direct marketing, organizations are able to package their marketing messages in a manner that meets the needs of the consumers thereby enhancing their effectiveness. However, the issue of privacy has emerged as one of the biggest challenges associated with direct marketing. This is due to the tendency of direct marketing to seek direct contact with the consumers which may at times lead to violation of their privacy.

Ensure each main body slide has a minimum of (no less than) 200 words in the speaker note section area!!

Ensure all bullet points of the situation are addressed in the slide presentation!!!

Please ensure at least one reference is from the textbook Strategic Human Resource Management (A General Managerial Approach) 2nd Edition, Charles R. Greer

ALSO please stay within the 5-6 (main body) slide presentation plus one Title slide and one Reference slide, total of 8 slides.


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