1. (TCO 1) In the Neolithic Revolution, the growth of communities was a result of (Points : 5) the use of steam as an energy source.
farming and the domestication of animals.
conquest and settlement.
new trade routes to the East.
2. (TCO 1) Francis Bacon argued that scientific method differed from logic and mathematics in that
(Points : 5) science begins with general theory then moves to phenomena.
logic begins with phenomena then moves to general conclusions.
mathematics moves from the specific to the theory.
scientific inquiry starts with the phenomena and ends in theory.

3. (TCOs 2 & 8) Wajcman argues that the perception of technology as necessarily masculine is
(Points : 5) a product of design features inherent in the technology itself.
a product of inevitable changes driven by technological change.
socially constructed, and a result of patterns of production and consumption of the technologies.
simply a product of feminist theory.

4. (TCOs 2 & 8) During the Protestant Reformation, the printing press
(Points : 5) created a new desire for books.
became popular in Muslim countries.
was used by the Catholic church to fight heresy.
helped to satisfy a growing demand for vernacular books.

5. (TCO 4) Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Wiki art? (Points : 5) It is dynamic and ever-changing.
It is collaborative.
It can involve music, poetry, video, and stories.
It relies on the talents of trained professional artists.

6. (TCO 4) Winner argues that some technologies have become so fully integrated in our society that they have actually taken on social roles. An example of this would be
(Points : 5) a telephone answering machine.
a computerized surveillance system.
‘el cortito’.
All of the above.

7. (TCO 8) In Britain, members of the industrial middle classes (Points : 5) kept summer homes in the country to avoid deadly smog.
became Luddites and destroyed machines.
supported labor reforms in Parliament.
sent their children to work in factories.

8. (TCO 11) Which of the following is considered a scholarly resource? (Points : 5) Chicago Tribune
Journal of the American Medical Association
Dr. Phil

9. (TCO 12) Bill Joy argues that the most dangerous aspect of GNR technologies is
(Points : 5) that they require rare and expensive materials.
that developers need access to highly protected information.
they are only in the hands of a few.
their ability to self-replicate.

10. (TCO 12) The unintended effects of e-mail are (Points : 5) social isolation.
blurring of our public and private lives.
increased threats to privacy.
All of the above

These essays should be a minimum of five paragraphs in length each. They should contain a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph (an answer to the question!). Make sure your explanation is clear and that you provide specific examples. Any quotes from the readings or external materials must include quotation marks and an in-text citation. Failure to identify quoted material could result in a 0 for the exam and a formal academic dishonesty charge.

(TCOs 1 & 2) Why does Cowan believe it is important to examine technologies in the context of technological systems? What advantage does this broader perspective give to planners? Give a specific current technological example (not it the reading) in support of your answer. (Poin2. (TCOs 4 & 8) Both Winner and Joy explore the issue of technology and control. How would you compare their two views of current technological development? Focus the comparison on a specific technology, such as genetically modified organisms. 3. (TCOs 3 & 4) How have changes in technology affected the recording industry and our understanding of what it means to be a professional musician? How have changes in technology affected our access to recorded music and the control exercised by traditional distributors? How will all these changes affect cultural trends and our expectations of music as an art form? Provide specific examples.


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