Group Report Outline
You will undertake this assignment in groups of 4 people (this may change depending on class size) and groups should follow the group-work guidelines outlined in your Course Outline. Students are to write a group report of between 2500 and 3000 words in length (excluding references and appendices). Details of the Group Report Details and marking criteria follow.

Group Report Details
The Group members should consider themselves International Human Resource Managers employed by the Mega-Widgets company, an Australian small-medium size enterprise (SME). Mega-Widgets, a manufacturer of quality widgets, established as a private family enterprise in 1954 and plans to publicly list on the Australian stock exchange in 2014 or 2015. The corporate culture at Mega-Widgets has been influenced by the founding family members who strongly associate with personal values of honesty, integrity, ethical behaviour and abiding by the law and regulations. Family relatives are not guaranteed of a job – they must prove themselves like everyone else.
Mega-Widgets’ head office and manufacturing plant facilities are in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Manufacturing plant workers in Australia are members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU). Mega-Widgets also has manufacturing plant operations and sales offices, since the mid-1990s, in Indonesia and India where senior management are predominantly Australian expatriates seconded from the Newcastle site on five year accompanied status assignments. To date, local management and workers have not been offered expatriate assignments to Newcastle, Australia. All expatriate assignments have been individually negotiated by the Newcastle Plant Manager.
Mega-Widgets is considering significant international expansion by establishing manufacturing plants in either Jiangsu or Anhui province in China and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. These manufacturing plants will be joint ventures with local companies which have been operating for 10 and 60 years respectively. During Trimester 3 of the operating year, Mega-Widgets employed an Executive Director Human Resources (EDHR).
The promotion of problem based learning through case study analysis of international human resource management issues. Case study analysis is also an opportunity to inform and involve the entire class in IHRM problem-solving.
What is required?
You are one of a number of select managers who have been seconded to the office of the EDHR. You have been chosen to undertake a nominated group task concerning a specific international human resource management (IHRM) issue.
The EDHR, with full support of the Board, has established IHRM Project Control Groups – hereinafter referred to as “PCGs”. You have been assigned to a PCG to research certain issues currently creating widespread discussion within Mega-Widgets (your group will be allocated a topic by the Facilitator).
The PCG will prepare:
A report of 2,500 – 3,000 words (excluding references and appendices) focussing on their allocated IHRM topic for submission to the Executive Director Human Resources.
PCGs will research relevant academic literature, synthesize and reflect critically upon their allocated IHRM topic. The Report is a professional document and must be constructed accordingly (refer NGSB Student Manual). All sources must be cited appropriately. A copy of each PCG report will be posted on Blackboard for the information of other PCG groups.
The role of the in-house PCGs is to raise the level of awareness and understanding amongst Board members of international human resource management issues and their impact on the international operations and expansion of Mega-Widgets.
The combined efforts of the PCGs will therefore enable the Board to consider proposals for international human resource management programs. These programs will facilitate current operational requirements and impact the future strategic direction of Mega-Widgets.
Case Study Topics
The Facilitator will assign each PCG a topic from the following list:
Cross-border alliances and SMEs
Recruiting, selecting and transferring staff for international assignments
International training and development
International compensation
Re-entry and career issues
IHRM in the Host Country
International Labour Relations
Performance Management


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