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Write an introduction and literature review on the following:
Topic: Study of Minority Women in Management-Level Positions in Human Resources
Overarching research question: What are the characteristics of minority women in management-level human resources positions in Volusia County, Florida?
Specific research questions? What factors contribute to progression of minority women into management positions in the field of human resources? What factors hinder progression of minority women into management positions in the field of human resources?

The essay should include the following:
Introduction, Problem Statement, Purpose, Research Questions and Literature Review including:
• An introduction to the research topic including background on topic.
• A section about the significance of the topic and why it is important.
• The purpose of the study, problem statement and the research questions. ◦ Cite at least 15 references, including a minimum of 5 empirical studies for the literature review.

Attached you will find the grading rubric for this assignment. Look over it to make sure you include everything that is required.

Attached is also a paper that I previously wrote (and got an A on). I have since changed my research study (to make it much more specific), so now a new paper needs to be written. You can use the attached document so you will know the proper formatting, use any information that is also relevant for this essay, and/or use any references that are relevant for this essay. If needed, I can provide you with copies of any of the articles that are referenced.


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