You are required to conduct research into a named organisation that offers a product, a service or both. To meet the objectives of this assignment you will need to gain access to an operation and collect information and data that will assist in addressing the following tasks:


  1. How well does the operation perform across each of the five performance objectives (that the operation might attempt to achieve)? You should explain your findings by analysing your field data (primary research findings) using appropriate academic theory, tools or models to justify your conclusions.


  1. What capacity strategy do they currently use? You should help support this answer by identifying the current demand patterns of customers/users as well as the looking at the level of the various capacity constraints of the organisation. (Numerical/graphic analysis will therefore be beneficial in this section and, if done well, should be rewarded).


  1. Based on the findings of Part B, which capacity strategy would you recommend and why? Compare this to the capacity strategy that they currently follow. What recommendations would you make?

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