All students must participate. Answer only one question. Each question has 2 parts. Please do not repeat what was stated before, you will not earn points that way. However you may add a different point. Only your (one) contribution is required this week. Do not respond to peers.
After reading chapters 12 and 13 of Tappen and reading the lecture;  
Question 1. (a) Name one identified Issue that support the needs for Ethical Guidelines.
                      (b) Name one issue related to Ethical Research Conduct.
Question 2.  (a) What is the end goal of Participant Recruitment and list one method of recruitment?
                       (b) At what point during the study is Consent Obtained.
Week 8  – NGR 5110 – Nursing Research
Ethical Issues and Consent and Participant Recruitment
Welcome to week eight class,
No Discussion Board Assignment
See WiKi relating to chapters 12 and 13, this week’s lecture. This week there are no formal discussion board assignments. However,
This week we will explore some of the ethical issues that take place in research and to recruit participants for your studies.
Why should we have a concern regarding ethical issues in research? What is the significance of obtaining participant consent prior to their engagement in any study?
In the past, you may have heard me mentioned that all research is flawed. While this may be true, the discrepancies noted should never be intentional in research. Yes, human error does occur, but issues such as plagiarism, falsification of data, mistreatment of participants, and other atrocities should never occur. Unfortunately, the Nuremberg Experiment, the Tuskegee Experiment, and the Guatemala Study were all crimes that were conducted in the name of research. Altruism, benevolence, informed consent, participant rights, ethical treatment are all required traits or behaviors that researchers should be aware of and implement.
Website Link: Click on the following link to review one example of unethical research, this story reflects the Tuskegee Experiment.
Please review the videos below regarding research ethics.
Video: Research Ethics

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