research design methods and applications

research design methods and applications
During the past few weeks, you have considered the various elements of the research project. Compile all of the sections of your research strategy ideas from Week 3. Retrieve your survey/questionnaire results this week to complete your final project in Week 5. Your final research paper should be 1,500–2,000 words.
Your research paper should include the following:
Your Introduction and Purpose of the study from your Unit 3 Individual Project
Your Literature Review from your Unit 3 Discussion Board, adding your Unit 1 articles
Your Methodology from the Unit 3 Individual Project research design methods and applications
Add your ethical considerations for the survey to your Methodology
Add your measurement strategy to your Methodology
Include a copy of the questionnaire or survey in the Methodology
Provide your Data Analysis with survey results
Data results should be provided in graphic form, making them user-friendly information
Provide your Conclusion regarding the study. Be sure to tell how well you answered your research question, the status of your hypothesis (true/false), and the value of your survey results for your topic moving forward
Based on comments from your instructor and peers in Weeks 3 and 4, edit and refine any sections of the final research paper. research design methods and applications.

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