Research Paper Fundamentals of Social Cognition

Research Paper Fundamentals of Social Cognition
Order Description
Research Paper (100 pts)
The purpose of this paper will be to provide a complete research experience for the student. The details of this assignment can be located under separate cover in the Course Documents section of the class MyASU site.

Please be aware that this paper is approximately one-third of all the points for this class. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that one-third of your time should be spend during this class working on various aspects of this paper. It is advisable to begin work on this paper early in this semester.

General Guidelines
All papers should be double-spaced with 1″ margins, Times New Roman 12 pt font and adhering to APA format. The APA manual can also be found online. All papers should be original to this class, not copied or used in any other class. Copied materials is considered cheating and/or plagiarism even if the materials were written by the student personally and are grounds for academic punishment including expulsion.

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