MAIN QUESTION the paper is based on:
“Why are business ethics important and how do we know if something is ethically wrong?”

Perform research on this topic. Find at least 3 outside articles and include 1 journal article. Write this paper using your personal voice comparing and contrasting your research with your own experience and opinion.
Be sure to use APA format and list all citations. Format should be the research question, a short Introduction, Literature review, Summary and Conclusions (one section). It is important to use APA format for your references.

Grading rubric for final paper:
Research Question= 10 points
Introduction= 5 points
Use of personal voice= 10 points
Summary and conclusion (one section)= 10 Points
Literature review= 10 Points
APA format and references= 5 Points

The flow of the paper should be: Have sub-titles to clearly show each section.
1) Research question
2) Intro (Introduce the topic and what you plan to research and discuss)
3) Literature review (This is your research)
4) Summary and Conclusions (What did you learn from this research)

You can answer similar questions that may help the paper develop.

For example,
How do you know you have made the right ethical business
INclude some business ethical issues. Like wasting office supplies. socializing instead of working. things like this.
Identify ethical dilemmas and how to solve them.

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